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Welcome. Our journey started in 2004, and over the last fourteen years we have grown and expanded our business, supplying our services to many private clients and catering our delicious roast to the general public on the most famous London’s and festivals.
With quality, excellent customer services, professionalism, and versatility being the core of our business, we have catered for celebrities and famous chefs, and our hog roast is considered by many of our customers the best they ever tasted.



Quality of our produts has always been of  a major importance to us, as only best ingredients give the best taste. The pork that we use comes from Blythburg Farm in Suffolk. We use ingredinets that are only produced in a wholesome way. Free range pork and lamb, English apples for our sauce that come either from wholesalers at Borough Market, or the farmers themselves. The bread we use come from Artisan baker. We serve our hog roast in ciabatta rolls with roquette, homemade apple sauce, and a piece of crackling. We marinated our hogs with Tuscan porchetta mixture of fennel, rosemary, garlic, spices and extra virgin olive oil.

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Customer care

We take pride in providing an exceptional level of customer services and support to our clients, from the moment of the first inquiry and to the very day of the occasion. With our tailor-made versatile menus, friendly professionally trained staff we are aiming to provide as much support and assistance to the clients as we can, tailoring for different budgets and advising on the most suitable options. We are working closely with our clients in order to make their special occasion a truly remarkable experience. We cater for Weddings, Private Parties, and Corporate Events, with no limitations in a number of guests.

Our achievements

Our reputation has always been very important to us. Renowned for the quality and distinctive taste of our free range hog roasts marinated porchetta style, we have earned quite a few credits that we are proud to call our achievements.


We are proud to be the hog roast company that Borough Market, in London Bridge, invited to join the market. Our relationship with Borough Market started in 2005 when we would cook for anniversaries and community days. Today we trade 6 days a week at the market and we have a loyal following and photos and videos taken of us at the market are seen by millions on Youtube and Instagram.


Since we started in 2004 we have catered for Kensington Palace, at their annual 5 aside football match between the Royal warrant holders and the Royal household. We catered for Tomasina Miers (young Masterchief 2006) book launch with Hugh Fearnley Whittingstall. We cooked on Gordon Ramsey’s F-word when he asked us to cook Janet Street Porter’s veal calf as part of the promotion of British veal quality and taste. Our credits for that were broadcasted on Channel 4.

We have catered for rock stars and royalty. And we were honoured to be asked to cook for Heston Blumenthal’s team at Bray.

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