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What Makes A Great Cheese Wheel Wedding Cake?

Updated: Jan 12

Wedding catering is a multi-faceted thing; a hog roast can make a wonderful centrepiece, but it will not be the only thing you serve, while at the same time, your guest list is likely to include vegetarians who won’t want to touch the hog, as well as people with various dietary requirements and allergies.

This will also apply to the items that follow the mains. You will probably have a dessert, but the wedding cake is always one of the highlights of the occasion, not least because everyone wants to get a photograph of you cutting it.

Traditionally, wedding cakes are white, three-tier affairs made of fruitcake encased in white icing, but many people like to vary it with a different sort of confectionery, such as carrot cake, chocolate cake or a lemon sponge cake.

However, nothing could be more novel than to have a cheese wheel wedding cake. It’s a growing fashion, but still uncommon, and your guests may be amazed when they encounter it. There are lots of ideas out there and you can make your own, or you can contact us to help you put one together.

For example, you may want to have a wide variety of cheeses to cater for different tastes and also provide some visual novelty: For example, a sage derby can provide unusual colours like green, while a blue cheese (like Gorgonzola or Danish Blue) should look really blue to provide colour as well as flavour.

You might also want to talk to us about the needs of any vegans or lactose-intolerant guests at the wedding. Vegan cheese can be made from a mixture of ingredients like coconut oil and nuts, which does mean you need to be aware of any guests with nut allergies.

When combined with a hog roast, a cheese wedding cake will leave your guests with

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