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We provide you with hog roast catering to create a special day ensuring exceptional service

Hog Roast Caterers. Established in 2004, renowned for our attention to detail and quality of catering service.

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Barbecue Pork Ribs

Roast Hog for Special Occasions

Are you planning a catered gathering that's set to be talked about for years to come?


Picture this. A succulent, crispy-skinned whole hog is at the centre of your event; the aroma wafting through the air, the sizzling sound of the crackling, and the thoughtfully prepared menu make your guests drool with anticipation.


Unsurprisingly, a roast hog is fast becoming the top choice for those who want to elevate their private or corporate events into memorable experiences.


We can help you to cover everything you need to know about hosting a roast hog event that's not only delicious but a true crowd-pleaser.


The Gipsy Hill Smokehouse—Roast Hog takes pride in providing the highest-quality and most tantalizing dishes for all forms of event catering.


Please click "reviews from our clients" to read about us in our clients' testimonials.


Although our reputation is one of the best south London hog roast and spit roast caterers, we travel to surrounding areas.

Hog Roast with Crackling

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Hog Roast Wedding Venue

Hog Roast Wedding Catering

Explore our easy-to-follow menus to build the perfect day.


For your very special event, we support you in planning the logistical arrangements and getting a clearer perspective on the running order of events and what will be required for a smooth and enjoyable day.

As a gourmet hog roast company specializing in hog roast catering for weddings, we take immense pride in our culinary artistry.


When you consider hiring a hog roast caterer, look no further before you have a chat with us and explore your requirements for the day.


Our slow-cooked Porchetta Hog Roasts are cooked to perfection, and we can provide a range of exceptional savoury and sweet side dishes and desserts.


​In addition, we specialise in making your wedding day amazing with our personal approach, service and delicious sides.


Our menus will cater to all our guests with slices of succulent meat, oven roasted or cooked on the bbq.


Basted with the fat and juices, seasoned to perfection served with delicious crackling, the crispy pork skin.


A meal that the whole party will enjoy.

Hog Roast For Private Parties & Events

When you contact us we will arrange a meeting to discuss the whole day.


We are delighted to help you create a truly extraordinary day for your friends and ensure that all your guests are fully catered to, with a varied menu that pleases everyone.


From menu design and event planning, we can assist with all the essentials, allowing you to stay focused on making this special occasion unforgettable.


Let us work together to make sure every detail is perfect, ensuring a memorable experience for all your guests!

Hog Roast Wedding Staff
Roast Hog Corporate Events

Corporate Hog Roast Events

Providing the amazing, wow factor to business meetings, significant events, and corporate events with our team of trained chefs, ready to showcase their expertise and professionalism.


Call us to discuss your requirements and let us delight you with our crispy crackling, free-range hogroast, porchetta marinades and fresh homemade apple sauce.


Let us do all the hard work while you enjoy your special day.

Contact us to let our trained chefs cook for your guests and discuss your next event.

  • One-day Hog Roast Events

  • Hog Roasts at Street Fairs

  • Hog Roast Catering at Markets

  • Hog Roasts at Music Festivals

Roast Hog has been a trailblazer in the hog roasting catering industry since 2004, providing mouthwatering spit-roasted hogs to hundreds of events.


We boast a wealth of experience and are proud to have provided our top of the line services for countless parties over the years.


We started to do barbecues offering loins of pork, chicken Piri Piri, "sardinhadas"Portuguese sardine parties and flaming chourico bbq's, we progressed to another speciality from the North of Portugal.​ Suckling Pig and full hog roasts.


Based in southeast London, we focus on the London area and on special occasions, travel nationwide.


We love working with Club Langley, Oaks Farm and Beaverwood as their approved supplier.


We are delighted to collaborate with these marvelous venues and other wedding caterers, who depend on our service to provide hog roas to accompany their delicious food.

Tim Clements - Roast Hog Tim

Hog Roasts & Barbecues
Made With Love.
Simply Delicious

Discover how we can help you serve great food, emphasizing the high-quality and deliciousness of our hog roasts and barbecues to your guests.

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