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Event Catering

Event Catering Services for Every Occasion

Good Craic

The reason for having an event is to provide a quality guest experience.


It requires great food, a good atmosphere and smooth logistics.


We specialize in making that experience a reality.


For some guests at a hog roast, good crackling from a slow roast cooked to perfection is all it takes for them to rave about the event.


Using a porchetta rosemary, fennel and garlic recipe with extra virgin olive oil, we marinate the meat while the spit roast cooks.



Our services are famous for all events. From business meetings and conferences to weddings and birthdays.We are experts in our field, specializing in barbecuing and spit roasts.


Tim Clements, the business owner, was brought up in Jamaica and Portugal, where barbecuing and an Al Fresco style of living is just the way of life.


To go into offering bbq and spit roasts as a career almost seems like a natural progression, what with Tim's interest in Portugal and its food.


As we promoted our ranges of fine Portuguese regional specialities, importing and distributing fine Portuguese black pig charcuterie, smoked products and preserves, we began to recognize the need to promote, taste and demonstrate the use of these foods in our cooking.


We began to do Portuguese barbecue street food style. Bifana rolls, chicken piri piri, and sardine parties were a few ways we generated interest in what Portugal has to offer.


He settled in London in 1997, and in 2004 we took a place at Borough Market selling our Portuguese products and cooking on community and celebration anniversaries.


We began roasting whole free-range hogs marinated with our unique mix of herbs and spices.


Our professional catering for small events started in 2004.


As our reputation spread as one of the first companies to serve quality delicious hog roast as a street food, we were asked to grill and bbq other meats for weddings, parties and corporate events.


Our presence at the music festivals over the summers became a familiar favourite sight.


With time, this has now spread into offering Brazilian barbecues for parties, including catering for Heston Blumenthal's Fat Duck chefs and staff at their annual cricket day, which we are proud to say we were asked to do three years running.


The Gipsy Hill Smokehouse opened in March of 2016.


Inspired by the Argentinian chef Francis Mallman and his restaurant "Siete Fuegos" and Bittor Arginzoniz's Etxebarri we built our barbecue trailer and set off to Glastonbury with to offer our Brazilian Grill - Bragrill.


The delicious food we created using our culinary expertise was a huge success and the food we created made many happy clients.


We now offer this range of wonderful food at weddings and celebrations.


We cater smoked Beef brisket and spicy pork ribs over ash and Irish Peat.


Other foods we offer are our pulled pork, chicken and of course burgers, and different American and Portuguese style BBQ foods – meats and sides.

Blythburgh Free Range Hogs


We roasted free-range hogs marinated with our unique mix of herbs and spices from Blythburgh Farm in Essex.


All our food comes from local suppliers and is prepared from our establishment which has a food hygiene rating of 5 scores on the doors.

Roast Hog Event Catering

Professional, Experienced Caterers

At The Gipsy Hill Smokehouse, we provide professional and experienced caterers for small events through to corporate events, catering to thousands.


Our team of experienced event catering professionals will ensure your event is handled with the utmost care and professionalism.


Available throughout the planning process, ready to answer any questions, and we offer a full range of services for setup, take-down and everything in between.


We want your event to be the best, so let us handle the food and drinks so you can focus on creating the perfect event.

Custom built menus

Our packages range from basic to luxurious, so whether you're looking for simple finger food or a five-course meal, we have the perfect catering package.


Our team of expert caterers can make it happen no matter what kind of cuisine or dietary requirements you have.

Dinner Party

In addition, we understand how stressful planning an event on a budget can be, so we strive to provide top-notch meals at prices that won't break the bank.

Corporate Events

Whether it's a birthday party or a corporate event, our team will do everything possible to ensure your small event is a success.

Stress-Free Event Catering Services

Fantastic Food

Our team of caterers is dedicated to providing high-quality and delicious meals for every occasion, ensuring that your event is enjoyable and stress-free.


Our caterers will work with you to create a custom menu that fits your needs and budget while ensuring you get the best quality food.

Affordable Catering Packages


We offer options to fit any budget and can provide everything you need, from buffet-style meals to elaborate five-star banquets. Our chefs can craft a menu tailored to your event's unique needs, from hors d'oeuvres and appetizers to full meals, including vegetarian and vegan options.


We offer a variety of affordable catering packages to ensure that you don't have to break the bank when it comes to catering for your small event.


Our packages are designed to fit any budget and we a build bespoke menu to ensure you get the highest quality food and service.


So whether you're hosting a corporate event or a birthday party, our team of experienced caterers can help make it a success.


So if you're looking for a catering company that you can rely on to make your event a success, contact The Gipsy Hill Smokehouse today!

Small event catering near me.

To find our menus. Click here. Whether your requirement is for your own party, a dinner party, or private parties. Our event services satisfy our private clients

Call us today

Suppose you're wondering where are the small event caterers near me. Look no further for a catering company that will provide delicious and high-quality food for your small event.


Our team of experienced and professional caterers will work with you to create a custom menu that fits your needs and budget, ensuring that your event is enjoyable and stress-free.


Let The Gipsy Hill Smokehouse Catering make your small event unforgettable!


With our experienced caterers and affordable packages, you can rest assured that your event will be a success.


Contact us today and let us help create the perfect custom menu that fits your needs and budget.

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