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What Are The Best Sides to Pair With A Hog Roast?

Updated: Apr 4

Hog roasts are the star of any show, whether it’s a wedding, party or simply a get-together with friends. Obviously, the pork takes centre stage but there are plenty of delicious sides to accompany the meat as well.

Choosing a selection of sides to serve alongside your hog roast is the best way to ensure there is something for everyone to enjoy, whether they prefer hot or cold dishes, light or heavy ones. Having a range of different flavours and textures can make it the best meal ever.

Pork is a rich, delicious meat and when it has been slow roasting for hours it simply falls apart and melts in the mouth. This makes it perfect to have on rolls or sliders as a sandwich. Paired with apple sauce, this can perfectly accompany your delicious roasted pig!

Another great side dish is salad and coleslaw. Light, refreshing and crunchy, this can help counteract the pork's rich, salty flavour. You could even include potato salad, a deliciously creamy dish that will perfectly suit the pork.

This provides the perfect balance and is the ideal choice for a summertime roast, as it is not as heavy or filling as other side dishes may be while still being delicious and tasty.

Roasted vegetables are another delicious option as they can add a variety of flavours and textures to the meal, which is still a more health-conscious option. Potatoes, carrots and corn on the cob are just some options to choose from.

If you want to go all out, mac and cheese topped with a hefty helping of hog roast is one of the most delicious combinations out there. Cheesy, creamy, salty and just divine! This will definitely be a hit with all guests at your event.

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