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Bottoms Up! What Drinks To Pair With Your Delicious Hog Roast!

Updated: Jun 28

Drinking alcohol with hog roast.

A sumptuous hog roast cooked to perfection cries out for sensitive pairing.

Whatever kind of event you have in mind, whether it’s a wedding, a significant birthday milestone, a christening or something else, one of the best ways of feeding a big crowd is to opt for hog roast catering.

These roasts look and smell incredible and your guests are sure to be wowed by what’s on offer, but don’t forget that you need to wet their whistles at the same time as sating their appetites… so it’s important to make sure that you give due consideration to the drinks on offer, as well - both alcoholic and booze-free.

Luckily, pork goes with all sorts of delicious drinks so you’ll find yourself truly spoiled for choice, which means you’ll be able to give your guests exactly what they want and a whole lot more besides. You can’t say fairer than that!

Make time for wine!

Wine Society recommends

When it comes to wine, the Wine Society recommends wine pairing a hog roast with a full-bodied red, ideally something that has enough tannin structure and weight to stand up to the flavour of the pork.

A good Chianti from Italy, like Montefalco Rosso, Scacciadiavoli 2020 could work well with our traditional hog roast porchetta marinated with fennel, rosemary and garlic.

While New World wines, such as those from Argentina could also be a great choice.

And for the red wine enthusiasts, make sure there’s a bottle or three of something like a fine Pinot Noir, Malbec or Merlot, which will also hold up really well against the flavours of the meat, while a medium tannin wine will work wonders as a palate cleanser at the end of your meal. Perfection!

Alternatively, if you’re looking for some tasty wines to put on the table, you really can’t go wrong with something like a crisp dry riesling to complement the sweetness of the pork or a spicy Spanish Rioja to contrast with it.

Portuguese Wines

Herdade do Esporao

From Portugal, the Herdade do Esporao winery, located in the east of Portugal, produces a range of wines that showcase the terroir of their vineyards. The area’s soil composition, elevation and climate create unique flavour profiles for their wines, which pair particularly well with roast pork dishes.

Herdade do Esporao's red wines have a deep ruby color, and aromas of ripe cherries, blackberries and plums. With their medium-bodied structure, the wines are characterized by subtle tannins that create an elegant balance between acidity and sweetness. These characteristics make them perfect for accompanying dishes such as roast pork with apple sauce and the range of sides we offer.

Herdade do Esporao produced white wines are bright and crisp. These wines have a delicate floral aroma with hints of citrus and green apple. The acidity in these whites is balanced by the slight sweetness of ripe fruit, making them an ideal match for roast pork dishes that have a slightly sweet glaze or sauce.

Look out for something with some apple notes as this will accompany the richness of the roast pork and roast pork belly, to perfection. After all, apple sauce and roast pork have been paired together for centuries, so you know you’re onto a winner and your guests will certainly be more than happy.

Whether you’re trying Herdade do Esporao’s red or white wine, they are sure to pair perfectly with roast pork dishes. Enjoy this combination for a delightful and memorable dining experience.

Don't be afraid to be adventurous where red wine is concerned. The herbs we use add rich flavours to our hog roast and the taste will accompany big-bodied wines, your dinner guests will be delighted with the research that you have done, to please them with your choice of wine.

There are lots of options out there, so be it juicy reds or white wine, sparkling wine, Chenin blanc, German Riesling, make sure you do your research and find something that’s going to be perfect for your guests!

Cheer for beer!

Providing lots of choice will always go over well with friends and family, so make sure you have other options aside from wine, as well.

As with your wine decisions, it’s important to make sure that your beer ideas don’t overpower the flavours of the pork, so go for a wheat beer and you won’t regret it.

The Gipsy Hill Brewery

The Gipsy Hill Brewery IPA is a well-balanced beer that offers hop-forward aromas and flavours. This beer pairs particularly well with hog roast due to its light, fruity notes and a hint of bitterness. The combination of these characteristics helps to cut through the richness of the meat while being complementary to its flavour profile.

Gipsy Hill Brewery

Gipsy Hill Brewery's Hunter or Hepcat beer is another great option for pairing with a hog roast. This English-style ale is made with dark malts and a generous amount of hops, which gives it a sweet and malty flavour with hints of toffee. The slight bitterness of the beer helps to balance out the salty flavours of the meat, making it ideal for enjoying alongside hog roast.

Whether you're having a casual gathering or hosting a formal dinner, bottles or cans of Gipsy Hill Brewery's IPA and Hunter beers, provide an excellent option for pairing with hog roast. The light fruitiness of the IPA and the malty sweetness of the Hunter will bring out all of the subtle flavours in this traditional dish while still being enjoyable on their own.

Something like Erdinger Weissbier will be sure to impress, or you could opt for an IPA as an alternative, which will help cut through the richness of the roast.


And, of course, cider is another top option if you’re serving up a whole hog at your event. The crisp and tart flavour of the beverage goes so well with the savoury aspects of the pork and, as previously mentioned, apple pairs perfectly with pork, so a flagon of cider on the table definitely won’t go amiss.


Don’t forget the teetotallers out there, either! If you’re looking for something a little different to put on the table, what about some sweet tea? This works really well with barbecue flavours, both sweet and smoky, and tea has tannins in it in the same way that wine does, so you’ll enjoy the same freshness and palate-cleansing aspects as you will with your wine choices.

Enjoy your hog roast party

Whether you’re looking for a full-bodied red, a crisp white or a refreshing cider, there are plenty of alcoholic beverages that pair wonderfully with a hog roast.

Whatever drink you choose, make sure to enjoy it responsibly and have a great time at your hog roast party!

Now, let the good times roll! Cheers!

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